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Business Opportunities Available at Aldea Plaza

Aldea Plaza is supported by the community and all zoning is in place to support a well rounded and versatile retail center. A recent survey of the Aldea Homeowners shows that the following retail services are the most desired within the Aldea Plaza:

Grocery Store



Coffee Shop



Spa Services


ATM Services - Bank


Video Rentals

Copying Services

Health Services


Liquor and Wine Store

Specialty Shops

Aldea Plaza will provide the retailer with an exceptional opportunity that is backed up with substantial retail expenditures in the immediate market area. While the housing units and households may be less in number than expected, the retail expenditures and the market potential indexes are equivalent to two to five times that of other areas on a per household basis.

Demographic information, a demographics video and a marketing video is available to help you make an intelligent decision for your business, office or next retail location.

Let us help you become a part of the most exciting retail plaza in Santa Fe!

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