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Background Information on Aldea de Santa Fe

Aldea de Santa Fe (which means small village of Santa Fe) has master plan zoning for 476 dwellings units, 185,000 square feet of retail/commercial, and two institutional sites. One hundred forty acres are allocated for building purposes, leaving approximately 60% of the overall property as open space.

The Village resulted from an assemblage of parcels by 14 local families. These tracts have been consolidated into a single company - Aldea, LLC - wholly owned by the various families.

Aldea is a Traditional Neighborhood - with its multiple housing types, greater variety and higher quality than volume builders, and densities that permit competitive pricing.

The Duany Plater-Zyberk design, based on the ancient model of historic Northern New Mexico plaza towns and villages, incorporates mixed-use zoning to create a rich community with a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere. 

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Community Center & Live/Work Buildings
on Aldea Plaza

The Village design also incorporates high-speed Internet connectivity. This innovative amenity permits self-sufficient home-based businesses within a short walk of support services and amenities in Aldea Plaza, as well as high-tech commercial development in the plaza itself.

The location (Northwest Santa Fe) and superb views from most lots helps create robust lot sales.

As the Traditional Neighborhood ambience becomes more pronounced, significant lot value escalation should occur. This well-documented phenomenon enables lot value appreciation to outpace values in conventionally designed projects. 


With one institutional lot, Aldea, LLC has the opportunity to include key civic and educational resources as a further way to enhance its market attractiveness.

Aldea has constructed a Community Center on the Plaza, based on a masterpiece design by the acclaimed architects, Moule-Polyzoides. While functioning as a highly visible, attractive marketing location for Aldea, it is owned by the Homeowner’s Association for civic gatherings and governance activities within the Village.

Visit the web sites: Santa Fe Realty Partners: Aldea de Santa Fe web site & Barker Realty Aldea Santa Fe's web site to learn more about the community and for lot and home availability.

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