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Aldea de Santa Fe – An invitation to a new lifestyle - a new and exciting community in old Santa Fe.

Aldea de Santa Fe (Aldea) is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the lifestyle, aesthetics, history, climate, scenery and culture for which Santa Fe is so esteemed. 

Aldea de Santa Fe consists of 345 acres superbly located in the high-value northwest corridor of Santa Fe County, bounded on the south by the six-lane Bypass (Highway 599), and on the north, by the highly successful, 4,700-acre golf-course development of Las Campanas.

It is only an eight-minute drive east to the famous 17th Century Plaza and related amenities of the City of Santa Fe, and a ten-minute drive west to the new Municipal Recreation Complex, which includes 27 excellent holes of golf.

The site’s rolling hills create a splendid marketing opportunity, with unimpeded views of each of the mountain ranges surrounding Santa Fe and a feeling of natural open space – adding significant perceived size and value to each residential site.

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Aldea Plaza

Aldea's physical texture supports the kind of higher density, new urban mixed-use environment that occurs by applying Traditional Neighborhood planning concepts. As a result, the renowned planning and architectural firm of Duany Plater-Zyberk designed Aldea as:
  • A series of traditional, pedestrian-friendly “Historic Santa Fe” neighborhoods, focused around small gathering places, such as walkways and neighborhood parks.
  • A central, visible, and authentically re-created Plaza enhanced by a fountain and tower and surrounded by vibrant mixed retail and commercial space. The Aldea Plaza will unify the individual neighborhoods and serve as a unique amenity. 
  • Intimate, individual neighborhoods with carefully tailored streets designed for mixed housing types and aesthetic lot placement. This allows exploitation of Santa Fe’s indigenous housing, with street frontage graced by traditional adobe-type walls.

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