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Aldea is attracting people with similar ideologies 

People who want large lots, far from their neighbors, are not attracted to Aldea. Aldea has been designed to facilitate the development of community. A Community Building is now under construction. This building will house the Homeowners Associations offices, and will be available for community meetings and conferences.

A typical suburban community has homogeneous housing, with narrowly stratified real estate values. This yields residents whose principle commonality is their economic class. With the broad range of housing types and costs, the principle commonality among Aldea residents is an interest in community and neighborly values. Not everyone desires a Village lifestyle, but those who do will be happy with Aldea’s virtues.

Aldea’s Homeowners Association is professionally managed

The roads in Aldea are owned and maintained by the Homeowners Association. Santa Fe County Real Estate taxes are very low, and monthly Homeowners Association dues cover a private Security Service, and maintenance of the private roads, open space, parks, and a community building. Professional, local management of the Homeowners Association ensures reasonable monthly dues, and responsiveness to residence needs and concerns.

Aldea has efficient, modern utilities

Although Aldea is in the County, it is connected to the City water and sewer systems. The vast majority of houses in Santa Fe County are on wells and septic tanks. Wells produce water of uncertain quality, and are vulnerable to the rapidly declining water table. Septic tanks require maintenance, and they pollute ground water with nitrates from water that is wasted as it percolates through leech fields into the earth. (The City sewer system treats wastewater and recycles it.) 

Aldea is served by natural gas, Comcast Cable TV, and state of the art broadband internet connectivity.

Aldea’s aesthetics are superb

Aldea has views of four mountain ranges as well as rolling foothills, near and afar. Aldea was designed and engineered to maximize opportunities for views from private homes, as well as from the sidewalks, open spaces, and numerous pocket parks. 

The Aldea Design Code was created by Andres Duany, along with local architects to produce attractive street scrapes that emphasize the public realm instead of calling attention to “trophy” houses. The professionally managed Architectural Review Committee reasonable and aesthetically implements the Aldea design code, and will help ensure the integrity of real estate investments within Aldea. 

Aldea is in an excellent location

Aldea is located in the desirable Northwest side of Santa Fe.  It is a few miles to the City Municipal Recreation Complex, including an award winning public golf course (watered with treated wastewater). It is a eight minute drive to the Historic Santa Fe Plaza, and affords quick access to I-25 for trips to Albuquerque and 285/84 for trips to Los Alamos, Taos and Northern New Mexico.

We have taken the liberty of answering your questions before you have to ask, so that you have a better understanding of what makes Aldae Plaza such a unique business opportunity!

Aldea is a walker’s paradise

Aldea is approximately 345 acres, with 205 acres of perpetual open space. Each lot owner owns an undivided interest in the open space, including an open space preserve of approximately 100 acres on the Northwest side. Aldea dedicated a trail through the Frijoles arroyo approximately 1 mile long which will be part of the Santa Fe County and City Northwest Trail System. 

Sidewalks and internal trails throughout Aldea link to the open space, Aldea Plaza, and the Northwest Trail System. Narrow roads mean slower moving vehicles, which create a pedestrian friendly environment. Other amenities will also be provided in the future.

Aldea was designed by Andres Duany

Andres Duany is the world renowned “grandfather” of New UrbanismNew Urbanism is an international movement to create communities that are designed to encourage human interaction in an inviting public realm. New Urbanism encourages the use of modern engineering and materials, while incorporating the time honored components that have made communities great throughout history. 

New Urbanism rejects suburban sprawl which results in extreme dependence on the automobile, roads that are unattractive and unpleasant for pedestrians, and long distances between places to shop, play, and live. Owning a home and living in a village designed by Andres Duany in Santa Fe will help insure the integrity of Real Estate investments in Aldea. The proximity of every home to a park and open space relieves the homeowner from the necessity of intensive landscaping and yard maintenance on individual lots.

Aldea incorporates mixed housing types

By designing a village with townhouses, courtyard houses, single family houses, and live/work units, with prices from the mid $200’s to over $800,000.00, Aldea ensures social and economic diversity. Aldea will provide housing types for nearly all walks of life. Affordable housing creates an opportunity for credit worthy and well employed people, such as school teachers and police officers to live in a community among the people that they educate and serve. 

Aldea has a commercial Plaza

Aldea Plaza has a charming central square, and zoning for over 100,000 square feet of commercial space. Live/work units around the Plaza will ensure a vibrant night-time residential activity, as well as commercial attractions. Availability of a coffee shop, restaurant, and community market will encourage village residents to take the short stroll to the Plaza, passing parks, beautiful streetscapes, friends and neighbors along the way. These businesses will also be attractive places to meet friends, and to make new ones.

Aldea plaza will offer office support services

Santa Fe County has a high percentage of home based occupations in locations which rarely offer support services near by. A small company could locate in Aldea Plaza, and offer employees the opportunity to live in Aldea and to walk to work. Aldea offers High speed broadband fiber optic communications which will help support home based occupations. Photocopy services, secretarial services, meeting/conference spaces, child care and other support services will be attractive business opportunities within the Village. As the Village and the Plaza grow, more services will become available, making it more attractive for residents and commercial businesses to locate in Aldea. 

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